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Stena Drilling is one of the world's leading companies in the development, construction and operation of offshore drilling rigs and drillships. Our fleet consists of four ultra-deepwater drillships and three semi-submersible rigs.

Stena Drilling manages an international drilling operation, based on experience from worldwide projects. Our core business values are focused on care, innovation and performance.

The pursuit of these goals looks to ensure positive client relations, exceptional performance within our industry and strives to improve the safety, both to the environment and to all personnel involved.

As a family owned company, we realise the importance of our world class employees in the successful delivery of our safe and efficient drilling operations.

We currently have an exciting temporary opportunity for a Control Room Operator (with valid OOW certificate and STAB 3/4 training) to join our team, on a temporary contract.

Roles & Responsibilities will include but are not limited to:

• Ballast the unit within the design parameters and in accordance to Company procedures / Guidelines. Ensure that the unit is operated within the design stability loading limitations. Ensure deck loads and stability calculations are completed and that paper stability calculations are completed at the frequency defined by the company. This will include deck checks to verify stability data.
• Monitor the water-tight and weather-tight integrity of the unit.
• Monitor weather and environmental conditions. Report to Barge Master or designate, when operation limits are being approached, or if weather conditions are not following forecast. The key factors being wind limits and sea-state.
• Monitor the unit’s position and ensure the mooring tensions are within parameters.
• Notify the Barge Master or designate of any abnormality or problem with the unit’s stability or ballast system.
• Notify the Engineering / Mechanical department of any mechanical problems or abnormalities, also ensuring that the Barge Master or designate is made aware of the issue. Monitor alarm systems and unit’s instrumentation, communicate to duty person to ensure adequate response and/or follow up Monitor and Control the supply of bulk products as directed by operations and the Barge Master. Ensure that prior to any vessel being granted entry within the 500 meter safety zone, that fully verification is conducted of the vessel’s capability in accordance to the company’s procedures.
• Ensure that information / key announcements/notifications are made through the unit’s public address system as required during normal operations.
• Monitor the Fire & Gas system, ensuring any indications are thoroughly investigated.
• Respond to alarms and emergency signals. Initiate alarms and emergency signals in accordance with the unit’s emergency response procedures.
• Maintain regular contact with the ERRV and Supply Vessels in the vicinity. Be aware of planned supply boat operations. Be aware of Helicopter movements.
• Ensure all logbooks, reports and checklists required by Company, Operator and Regulations are promptly and correctly completed and transmitted.
• Act as Permit to Work coordinator
• Any other duties as required by onboard company Management

Health, Safety & Environment

• Work according to and promote Stena Drilling’s HS&E Policy and Procedures as well as fully commit to preventing any damage to the environment.

• Responsible and accountable to conduct their tasks in full compliance with Stena Drilling Limited procedures

• Comply with Stena Drilling procedures for Management of risk and Safe Behaviour Programme; ensuring that a suitable and sufficient risk assessment is carried out for all work activities.

This includes but is not limited to;
a. Task Risk assessment
b. Lifting Assessment Plans
c. COSHH Assessments
• Participate in the STOP system, complete and submit cards after discussions. Monitor and coach crew members to participate in STOP and carry out STOP audits.
• Promote Stena Drilling’s “Golden Rules” and the rig’s “House Rules” during team discussions.
• Attend and participate in Tool Box Talks and After Action Reviews.
• Ensure work site is safe and that all tools used are in a satisfactory condition
• Ensure that storage, handling and use of chemicals are done in accordance with procedures.
• Ensure equipment is secured to prevent movement due to wind or rig motion.
• Ensure familiar with correct use, type and location of all Oil Spill Equipment.
• Comply with Stena Drilling’s waste segregation policy.


• Undertake training onshore and offshore to comply with the Training Matrix.

• Complete Stena Drilling’s Competence Assurance Scheme within 12 months of being assigned.

Qualifications and Experience Criteria


Ballast Control Level 3
Class 3 Marine Certificate, revalidated STCW 95
Semi-Submersible Control Room Operator
Organisational Skills and Self motivation

Salary: Competitive

Closing Date: February 2017

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Control Room Operator

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