Stena Clyde

The Stena Clyde is a semi-submersible, twin pontoon, column stabilised drilling unit, Aker H3 design. The vessel has been modified with an additional six stability columns to provide adequate operating deck load for operations in 1,500ft water depths. A Cameron TL 18¾”15,000 WP H2S Service BOP is fitted. The Stena Clyde has an SBOP capability for a water depth of 5,000 ft.

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Vessel Specifications

General Information
Rig Type Semi Submersible
Design AKER H-3
Construction Yard Rauma Rupola
Year Delivered 1976 - Modified 1985 (1997)
Classification +1A1 Column Stabilised Unit UKVS
Flag UK
Station Keeping 4630ft chain  ORQ R3 3inch. Anchors:
3 x 15T Viking 5 x 7T Stevpris
Max Water Depth 1, 500 ‘ (5,000 ‘ SBOP / pre-laid moorings)
Max Drilling Depth 25, 000ft
Helideck Arranged for Eurocopter 225 – 11Ts
Accommodation 105 persons
Drilling Equipment

Pyramid Dynamic Beam leg (40ft x40ft base) 545mt

Hoist/Drawworks 3000 HP National 1625 DE
Motion Compensator Hydralift CMC
600,000 lbs 25ft stroke.
Top Drive Aker (MH) DDM-650-DC
Offline Stand Build N/A
Mud Pumps 3 x National 12-P – 160 1600 HP
Shale Shakers 4 x VSM300
Liquid Mud 2750bbl
Drill Water 1170 tonnes
Potable Water 1160 tonnes
Fuel Oil 1230m3
Bulk  Mud 402 tonnes
Bulk Cement 320 tonnes
Brine N/A
Sack Material 2000 Sacks
Dimensions / Loading
Length 68.55m
Breadth 56.38m
Moonpool 15.9 m x 6 m
Operating Draft 21.34m
Transit Draft 9.4m
VDL (Operating) 3,150 tonnes
Well Control Equipment
BOP Cameron TL  18¾” 15,000 WP
LMRP Cameron 18¾ 10,000k
Wellhead Connector 18 ¾” Cameron  HCH4, 15k.
Control System Shaffer/Cameron
Riser 26 x 65 ft Joints Cameron ‘RF’
Riser Tensioners 10 x NL Shaffer 80K
Choke & Kill Manifold Cameron 3 1/16 x 15k, 4 1/16 x 10k
Diverter Regan KFDS-3, nominal 24”
Machinery/Hoisting/Station Keeping Equipment
Main Power 5 x Caterpillar 3516 CHD
Generator Rated Output: 2550kVA
Emergency Power 1 x Caterpillar 3508B, 850kW
Generator Rated Output: 1062kVA
DP System N/A
Thrusters N/A
Mooring system 4 Double Pusnes type 75-EA
Deck Cranes 2 x National OS435 diesel hydraulic.
Riser Crane N/A
BOP Handling 1 Hydralift BOP transporter 230tonnes SWL