Stena Forth

Stena Forth is a harsh environment, dynamically positioned DP Class 3 drillship capable of drilling in water depths up to 10,000’ using 18 3⁄4” – 15,000psi Cameron TL BOP and Cameron Load King Riser.

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Vessel Specifications

General Information
Rig Type Dynamically Positioned Drillship
Design Mono-hull Drillship
Construction Yard Samsung Heavy Industries
Year Delivered 2009
Classification DNV: + 1A1 Ship-shaped Drilling Unit (N) HELDK-SH CRANE E0 F-AM DYNPOS-AUTRO DRILL(N)
Flag UK
Station Keeping DP Class 3,  Kongsberg  K-POS 32
Max Water Depth 10,000ft
Max Drilling Depth 35,000ft
Helideck Designed for Sikorsky  S92 & EH-101
Accommodation 180 persons
Drilling Equipment
Mast/Derrick NOV Dual Hoisting and Drilling Tower
Hoist/Drawworks 907 Mt (Main), 544 Mt (Aux)
Motion Compensator Act/Pas 454 Mt (main) + 363Mt (Aux)
Top Drive NOV HPS 1000 (Main),  HPS 750 (Aux)
Pipe Handling NOV Dual Hydra - Racker 3 ½” to 13 ⅝”
Offline Stand Build 1 x Off Line Stand Build + Torque Master
Mud Pumps 4 x National FC2200 – 7500psi
Shale Shakers 5 x NOV – VSM 300
Liquid Mud Active:             1004m3
Storage:          2345m3
Waste:              502m3
Drill Water 4464 m3
Potable Water 2052 m3
Fuel Oil 10,805 m3
Bulk  Cmt 420 m3
Base Oil 490 m3
Brine 490 m3
Sack Material 7,500 sacks
Dimensions / Loading
Length 228m
Breadth 42m
Moonpool 25.6m x 12.48m
Operating Draft 12m
Transit Draft 8.5m
VDL (Operating) 20,000 Mt @ 12m
Well Control Equipment
2 x BOP Stacks with below spec:
BOP 18 ¾” x 15K Cameron TL with  CDVS & CSR, Spare DVS  (5 Ram) & Cameron DL Annular 10k
Annulars 1 x Hydril GX Annular 10k  + 1 x Cameron HC  Connector (10K)
Wellhead Connector 1 x 18 ¾ GE Vetco H4-SHD
Control System Cameron MUX (BOP Fluid recovery sys)
Riser 7,500’ Cameron LoadKing 3.5 (80’ Joints)
Riser Tensioners 6 x N-Line tensioner system 2,500 Kips
Choke & Kill Manifold Cameron 3 1/16” – 15K
Diverter GE Vetco KFDS CSO 500 – 60 ½” – 500psi
Machinery/Hoisting/Station Keeping Equipment
Main Power 6 x Genset: Wartsila 16V32
Generator Rated Output: 9312kVA
Emergency Power Integrated in main power
DP System DP 3 (Kongsberg) :2 x HiPaP, 3x DGPS, HAIN, 2 x LTW
Thrusters 6 x RR UUC -455, 5.5MW
Mooring system 2 x 12.675 Mt Anchors
Deck Cranes 3 x NOV KBC each rated for 85t/34t/17t. 1 x NOV Pipe handling KBC rated for 7.0t/3.5t.
Riser Crane NOV Gantry Crane – 2x20Mt
BOP Handling 350Mt Moonpool Skid 2 x 175Mt BOP Overhead Crane