At Stena Drilling, Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE) are paramount; and through continuous search for improvement in our operations, we set ever-higher targets throughout the organization, both onshore and offshore.

Our HSE philosophies are embodied in Policy Statements, which are endorsed by the Managing Director and made known to all employees and business partners; they represent our commitment to a safe and healthy, incident free, working environment and our collective responsibility to prevent damage to the environment, our employees and neighbours.  Though sustainability in successful HSE is a long-term aspiration, we treat it on a day-to-day level, providing the tools and support for all members of the organisation to attain results through analyses of observational and risk data and performance reviews.

We consider leadership and commitment fundamental to the success of HSE management and believe that it is the responsibility of all employees and contractors to work safely, ensuring that all safety-related procedures affecting their work are thoroughly implemented. Employees are given every opportunity to succeed in HSE and are included in structured training and behavioural programs, open discussion and a clear Safety Management System, which provides a comprehensive and systematic vision of our objectives. Each rig has its own HSE Case document identifying all major hazards and risks to personnel; and we implement recognized industry systems - such as the Du Pont STOP (Safety Training Observation Program) - across the rig fleet, helping us to identify and measure trends in safety performance and to pre-empt negative events before they arise. Ultimately employees feel responsible for not only for their own safety but also that of their peers, resulting in a more complete and comprehensive safety culture.

In maximizing the advantage that these tools and systems provide, we have established a full training program for every discipline working offshore and continuous review of the program ensures legislative and corporate training requirements are met. Furthermore, a Competence Assurance program is in place for all offshore disciplines, ensuring standards in training and work skills are at the required level for each and every individual.

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