Environmental Policy

Stena Drilling Limited is committed to a Policy of protecting the environment, second only to considerations affecting the safety of people, and therefore conducts its business and operations in an environmentally responsible manner. In adopting this Policy, Stena Drilling Limited supports, promotes, and practices positive conservation measures to:

  • Comply with all applicable legal requirements and with other requirements to which the organisation subscribes which relate to its environmental aspects. Where possible, seek to improve upon, all International, National, State and Local Laws and regulations concerning Environmental Protection.
  • Co-operate with Maritime organisations, Government, Trade and Industry associations in order to maintain high standards of environmental protection.
  • Develop cost-effective, controlled solutions to increase the efficiency of vessels with regard to consumption and emissions.
  • Implement the requirements of both comprehensive measures to avoid pollution incidents, and for contingency planning to ensure effective response to pollution incidents.
  • Ensure all employees conform to high standards of environmental protection and emphasise through environmental awareness programmes, individual responsibilities for sound environmental management.
  • Maintain environmental monitoring programmes to ensure and demonstrate compliance with the Company’s Policy and legislative requirements.
  • Make available the necessary resources in order to set environmental objectives and targets and to ensure that these are continually reviewed and improved upon where appropriate.

ISO 14001

Stena Drilling gained ISO14001 certification from DNV in 2007 with one semi-submersible rig and the Aberdeen Head Office. Currently the certification extends to 6 vessels.

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