Stena Drilling Integrated Well Services

Stena Drilling is willing to explore alternative contracting models that can offer an Integrated Well Services solution for services that have traditionally been assume to be under the Operator’s Scope.

For example the services could include some of the following services:

  • Cementing Services,
  • ROV Equipment & Services,
  • Tubular Running,
  • Solids Controls
  • Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD)
  • Well Equipment & Services for Plug & Abandonments (P&A)

We have a designated Well Integrated Services project team that are working with various parties to introduce the “Stena Integrated Well Services” option to prospective clients projects.   To complement our project team, Stena Drilling have engaged Intervention Project Management (IPM) Ltd, a UK based Well Engineering and Project Management Company formed in April 2007.  As part of our Integrated Well Services suite of services, Stena Drilling project management can be offered to our clients during all stages of their projects from planning through to operational phase and during the evaluation phase to ensure learnings are captured for future projects.

We believe we can offer value to our clients in various areas of the project by using the IWS model. Some examples of where we can add value are captured below;

  • Reduced number of Contracts for the Operator to facilitate / administrate

SDIWS Contracting Model

  • Shared Risk/Reward against Subcontractor NPT
  • Improved lines of communication between Stena’s certification authority (DNV), Shelf State Requirements and subcontractors for Equipment / Spread approvals. 
  • Contractor will have greater understanding of the project and project drivers which gives the contractor greater opportunity to introduce alternative solutions resulting in a positive impact on the Operator AFE
  • IPM Project Management (IPM) are independent from major subcontractors helping to ensure that all solutions considered are on a “best for well” basis.
  • Operator can remain focused on oversight of the project and look for ongoing optimization of operations which will help to drive efficiencies and cost reductions, instead of operator resources time spent on control and management of third parties.
  • Accumulation of Specialist knowledge and growing experience to support our Operators
  • Enhanced third party QA/QC management through Stena Drilling SMS
  • Improved HSE/Operational performance via direct relationship with subcontractors.
  • Maximize compliance with third party principle, management of third party wells competence
  • Less contract variation orders / client induced modifications requests.

A number of the additions highlighted for the Client can also be applicable to Stena Drilling leading to additional possibilities to realise additional value;

  • Greater Stena knowledge of well services projects leading to value-added Training & Competence course which will enhance company knowledge, eg. I.W.C.F Well Intervention, Subcontractor Product Lines (Wireline, Coil, Cementing, ROV)
  • Enhanced verification of Safety Critical Elements (Temporary Equipment)
  • Stena preference is to minimise change of subcontractors from well to well, operator to operator, yielding consistency in Personnel / Equipment / Operations. 
  • Stena preference to assign fixed equipment to the Facility reducing Temporary Equipment where possible (Certification, Quality, Planned Maintenance, Reliability, Oversight)
  • Increased Marketability of Drilling Units – Drilling Unit available with Designated & Proven Services on board (Increase potential for Farm-outs, continuation of work, Client Well Clusters/collaboration).
  • Increased Global market exposure.  Within agreements, Our Service providers can globally market our Drilling units integrated with their product lines.

Stena Drilling have executed Non-Disclosure Documents and Memorandum of Understand Documents with Major Equipment & Service Providers who have been selected to support Stena Integrated Well Services on a Global basis.




With support from our Providers, prospective clients will be offered value added Integrated Well Services solutions against their work scopes in a time versus depth driven market.

For Further Information on Stena Drilling Integrated Well Services please contact;

Phil Milton (

Barry Rainnie (

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